Mission ~ Vision ~ Goals

Horicon Elementary School District Vision

Our vision at Horicon Elementary School District is to prepare students to successfully transition to high school and beyond by providing a strong academic program that meets the needs of all students in a safe, nurturing environment.

Horicon Elementary School District Mission

  • Students achieve a strong academic foundation, are curious and excited learners, think critically, problem solve, strive for excellence, work with diligence, achieve personal understanding, and try new things without fear.
  • The school community of staff, parents, board and community members provide a safe, respectful, and nurturing environment.
  • Horicon’s goals are achieved through wise use of resources (financial, student, human) supports Horicon’s goals
  • Adults and students participate in ongoing learning
  • Adults and students communicate with integrity and in a timely manner

Horicon Elementary School District Core Beliefs

  • All children can reach their potential – Personalized learning
  • Students and parents share responsibility for their own learning
  • A safe and clean environment is essential for effective learning
  • Collaborative teamwork based on respect, trust, and support is essential for effective learning
  • Horicon educational leaders are visionary trail blazers and pioneers who support student achievement and success
  • Horicon Elementary School District values community and family involvement, being a community center, appreciates local history and being connected to the larger world

2016-17 School Board Trustee Goals:

    1. Student Achievement:
      • All students will be at or above grade level in math, reading and writing (ELA).
      • All students will make academic progress as evidenced by multiple measures, including: California standardized tests, CELDT or current ELD assessment,  Local measures developed and agreed upon by faculty and the Board of Trustees
      •  All English Learners will progress in learning English, increasing CELDT  or current ELD test levels annually.
    1. Learning Environment:
      • Students will have a safe and nurturing educational experience enhanced by character development programs and enrichment activities.
      • High quality staff will be recruited, retained and trained to meet current and future district needs.
      • Parents and community will be utilized to support and enrich the students’ experiences.

3.  Facility:  Facilities will be maintained to high standards and improvements                                                    made to maximize safety, longevity and aesthetics.

4.  Fiscal: The School District will remain fiscally sound.

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